So… just what is this about?

Hi everyone, if you’re reading this, you’re likely wondering why you are reading this, and so….

The idea of this site is to promote discussion, for the most part about literature, words, and the worlds, within worlds, that inhabit every bookshelf you’ve ever seen. To my mind, books are the most important thing in the world, and the minute that we all stop believing in their worth, will be the minute that this modern world takes its final step to becoming worthless.

With that, the plan is also post about gigs happening in Dublin (Ireland),  which (for reasons I probably can’t disclose) I happen to attend (at venues I’m probably not allowed to name) three or times a week – for the past ten years. So we’ll be talking about music, musicals, plays and stand-up comedy.

And because because life isn’t just an extension imagination, from time to time I’ll write about things I come across in Dublin life, which I have no doubt will vary from the particularly interesting, to the utterly perplexing; depending entirely upon personal perspective and what each of us finds personally important.


Who am I? – well, I’m just a guy who’s read a lot of books, has gone to a lot of gigs, and finds almost everyone and everything interesting.

If you ever want to disagree with me, please do, it’s not like I have any idea what’s right, true, or good in this world. All I ask is that you are ready to defend any point you raise, in much the same way that you would be asking me to.

Like I said, at the top, the idea here is promote discussion and thought, and hopefully make someone, somewhere laugh; and maybe, just maybe, think about stuff in a way that they’d not previously thought too…


So, it BOOKS and GIGS and STUFF.

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